Asteroids Gunner

Asteroids Gunner 1.4.1

Asteroid destruction action

Atari’s Asteroids Gunner is an arcade shooter for iOS. View full description


  • Fun gameplay
  • Upgrades and power-ups are great
  • Quick session play


  • Can get repetitive in early levels

Very good

Atari’s Asteroids Gunner is an arcade shooter for iOS.

Players take control of ships armed with lasers and destroy asteroids in the level as quickly as possible while avoiding taking damage and receiving multiplier bonuses. As Asteroids Gunner progresses, players will gain new levels.

Asteroids Gunner also includes upgrades and extra skill bonuses that assist in the later levels. The screen quickly fills with asteroids and floating debris that can damage the ship. Upgrades like stronger shields, rapid fire guns, and even a nuclear space bomb are at the disposable of players. Asteroids Gunner allows players to collect space gems and also has an in-app purchases system where players can use space bucks and convert them to crystals to use for various power-ups.

The graphics of Asteroids Gunner are simple but contain a lot of small detail in both the different ships and asteroids that fly through the levels. There is a 2D plane background that is flown over, but does not cause any distractions from the gameplay.

Audio in Asteroids Gunner centers on the weapons with the bulk of the sound coming from the destruction of the different sized asteroids and dispersal of different power-ups. It works and is simple, but there is nothing really amazing with the soundtrack.

Asteroids Gunner has quick play in mind. Each level takes around a minute and a half to complete as the difficulty increases player have to be more careful when maneuvering. Players use two circle controls. One controls the direction that the ship flies and the other controls the direction of the ship’s weapons. They interact separately so it is important to keep track of movement and firing.

Asteroids Gunner is a game that offers a good amount of content in short bursts. The power-up and upgrade system is fun and act as assistance rather than changing the entire experience of Asteroids Gunner.

Asteroids Gunner is a great arcade shooter that works best in quick sessions.


  • Bug fixes
Asteroids Gunner


Asteroids Gunner 1.4.1